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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A fabulous review, bumps and all

Fabulous review of SHAMAN'S BLOOD - doesn't get much better than this!

The funny thing is, this 5-star review was in spite of the reviewer's antipathy for novels told with a dual trackline, where one part of the story is told in the past and the parallel track is in the present. In the case of Shaman's Blood, the main character is in the past trackline, not the present (where he is an ephemeral presence). For my own taste, my natural inclination is toward telling stories this way, where the deep past and the immediate present cannot be separated. I always want to see what lay in the dim past that caused the events and characters of the present to turn out the way they did.

The novel I'm writing now does the same thing, only this time the main character is in the present and most of the 16th century trackline is handled through flashbacks. I just can't seem to tell a story without pulling in some history from way back when. My head just works that way, I guess. Maybe some day I'll try writing a novel just from what happens in the immediate present. I suspect I'd probably get too bored with it to finish.

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